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Iconic Indian Groom Dress For Reception Idea Which Made Their Mark.

Indian groom outfits may appear simple, we've got you covered with these grooms flaunting the best of fashion - with their reception outfits.

One has a basic idea or a guide for every Indian function outfit starting right from the Mehendi, down to the wedding ceremony itself, but what do you wear for a reception? With no rule to base this upon, it's free to one's own will kinda day. So starting from traditional outfits, it's your choice what Indian groom dress for the reception you would want to choose.

Determining your Indian groom dress for the reception

Ranging from your classic tuxedos to a plain suit, there are a few factors that should drive your choice. The first most important factor while choosing an Indian groom dress for the reception is the theme of the event itself. You don't want to look too simple or too gaudy across the stage against your gorgeous bride.

The second thing that could dictate the color scheme of your outfit is the season itself, while pastels do well in the summer, we cannot deny our love for them brooding dark colors in winters. All of these small factors when considered make for the perfect Indian groom dress for the reception.

Each of these grooms has dressed up in a sharp and elegant manner, giving us major fashion goals. So check these out to help you with your Indian groom dress for reception dilemma:

1. When in doubt, choose a classic

How dapper does this groom look in his classic black and white tuxedo suit set? Complimenting the bride's white gown, they together look like the perfect picture. Also, we love how he ditched the classic tie for a bow-tie and the satin collar against the matte fabric gives out such a luxe vibe.

Such small details make the Indian groom dress for reception stand out all the more. This is an effortlessly simple Indian groom dress for reception to style and to carry off. Tuxedos are an essential piece of fashion that every man must invest in for his wardrobe!

2. Against the wave!

Well, how often do you get married not to take a fashion leap and have it pay off so glamorously? This couple looks absolutely stunning in their coordinated outfits. The bride's structured white wedding gown against the groom's inverted color tux is just another level of fashion goals.

Along with the beautiful backdrop, the couple makes for quite a sight. Also how cute is the polka bow tie? This Indian groom dress for the reception is not for the faint-hearted, yet we can guarantee it is quite the fashion statement to go against your usual color scheme for something this simple yet so unique!

3. One for the simple blokes

Are you having a simple and sober reception to conclude the trail of your Indian wedding timeline? Or are you having a morning reception? Well, then this Indian groom's dress for a reception is the perfect choice for you!

All dressed in this tapered gingham print suit with a white shirt, this groom looks so smart. It goes to show how sometimes the most simple among outfits for a western look stand to make the biggest impact. There is nothing we don't love about it starting right from his shoes to his casual shades that make it all come together so seamlessly and fashionably well.

Full marks to this groom for making a simple suit look so smart and apt for a celebration. You could always choose a suit like this in other prints or even plain pastel shades for a visually pleasing Indian groom dress for reception!

4. Picture perfect!

Moving along the line of Indian groom dress for the reception, let's skip sides for a more traditional spin! Blogger Malvika Rallan and her beau Siddhant Nagpal look so amazing and stylish as a wedding couple in their well-coordinated outfits. Red and black are one of the classic color pairings and looking at this couple we only love it more.

Dressed in a black Bandhgala suit with a white tapered trouser and layered & gold detailing make it all pop all the more! This has to be one of our favorite Indian groom reception dress. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate Malvika's crimson red embellished Anarkali.

5. Velvet for the win

Another version of the Bandhgala we could not help featuring is this Indian groom dress for the reception. Clad in a royal blue velvet Bandhgala with white trousers this groom looks absolutely royal. This is the perfect Indian groom dress for a reception for the groom looking to make a statement while sticking to classic outfits which will forever remain in trend.

There is so much variety, color, and trends when it comes to Indian groom dress for the reception, but don't get bowed down by these. Browse through some inspiration and after picking out all your outfits, choose something different from the lot while sticking to your personal style and oh bonus points if you manage to coordinate, even if it is subtly, with your bride. These small details of your outfits too add to the memory of your wedding so be sure to love everything starting right from the outfit.

So which Indian groom dress for reception did you like the most? Let us know about your chosen groom dress in the comments.

And if you are still confused about it we are always here to help.

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