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A New Blouse Design Pattern Can Stop You From Being a Copycat! Find out how...

A blouse design is something that can go out of fashion quite soon as it is gets too repetitive. Therefore, we have come up with a few new blouse design pattern ideas that can help you slay your wedding fashion!

When it comes to a saree or a lehenga, a blouse plays an important role in completing your look. With and more designers making blouses an equally important part of the attire (by giving this garment the same level of attention as the lehenga or a saree), incredibly creative blouse designs have come up. However, with the designs easily accessible over the internet and spread across the country, the blouse design patterns become stale quickly.

Therefore, we have come up with some beautiful and new blouse design pattern ideas to inspire you to get something new! We have covered new blouse design pattern ideas for both bridal and non-bridal outfits, making it ideal for everyone who comes to the wedding.

With the different shades of gold and red being so common, it is almost impossible to ensure the non-repetition of designs. The only possible thing in such colour combinations is to use different embroideries to have a fresh take on the same look. Apart from that, you can go for modern cuts or different colours, especially for non-bridal wears.

Keeping all of these things in mind, we have come up with a list of designs that will help you get an idea about the new blouse design pattern ideas that are doing the rounds!

1. A lustrous gold blouse

Having a gold blouse is common but most people do not go that blingy with their design choices since it can get too loud. Well, go for it!

It is back in trend. Girls are going gaga over it! With the continuous shimmer designs, you can pair it with a light toned or similarly toned lehenga or a dark coloured saree. Almost any attire can look perfect with it.

2. The usual red and gold combination with different patterns

We know the combination of red and gold gets tiring but that is the standard colour of the bride. To give the blouse a new blouse design pattern, there is a change in the cut of the neckline from the typical designs with a bit of a deep cut finish to it.

However, the highlight of the design is the floral pattern with golden threads. What makes this different is the use of fine threads to create thin, light patterns that help the bride exude a delicate vibe.

3. A peach blouse with colourful floral patterns

Now, this is a fresh take on the bridal wear as it ditches the traditional colours and instead goes for colours like peach and white. It does not stop there as it has floral patterns of multiple colours.

This new blouse design pattern looks even better if your partner supports you by wearing similarly themed clothes and together you can make it perfect for a summer outdoors destination wedding! Especially if your wedding décor has a peach colour combination!

4. Red blouse with different patterns

Another red and gold combination but as you can see, it has totally different embroideries! The major difference is how the embroideries have two different patterns to them.

The front portion has big motifs running parallel but the sides have diagonal lines crisscrossed. The cut is the normal curved V-cut.

5. A golden-yellow blouse with a modern cut

This new blouse design pattern has a reverse V-cut at the bottom, making it an ideal option for a guest at the wedding. The base colour of the blouse is almost golden but slightly on the side of yellow. However, the embroideries are of golden threads to give a 3-D feel on top of the blouse.

6. A truly modern blouse

Now, this new blouse design pattern is truly something different from others. This too perfectly fits the bill for a guest. The highlight of this blouse is the use of buttons on it.

It gives the blouse completely a modern touch to it and pairing it with a similar coloured lehenga or a long skirt will make you look stunning.

7. A colourful mix

If you love colours, then this blouse is just for you. This new blouse design pattern uses multiple colours to create a great palette. On top of this palette is the use of floral patterns, using even more colours to add another visual dimension to the blouse. It is ideal for the bride to wear at almost any of the ceremonies of a wedding!

With these options available when it comes to the new blouse design pattern ideas that are relevant today, you will surely get an idea about how to experiment with colours, designs, patterns and so on! Speak to your tailor about the styles that are trending and how you can incorporate them in your look!

Book your appointment today & check out what suits you the best at Mastani Bridal.

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