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What can we rent from Mastani Bridal Couture?


We have everything you might need for your big day! From outfits for Bride and Groom, to accessories for both bride and groom, bangles and props!


What is inclusive of the Bride- Groom package? Do you provide other services like makeup or photography.


Everything is on us! For our Grooms, we provide the full gear. From Safa turbans, shawls, chain, shoes and a grand sword! For our Brides, we provide full accessories, bangle setting, kalires and a beautiful bling bouquet. All outfit booking includes alteration cost and 2 way dry cleaning that will be done by us! Leave the stress to use and let us style you for your big day! We are not affiliated with any makeup artistes or photo studios, but we are more than happy to recommend professionals who we have worked with.


Do you have outfits for plus- size Brides and Grooms?


This is the beauty of having an in-house tailor! Rental doesnt mean the outfits are as is. When you book with Mastani Bridal, our trusted in-house tailor will alter the outfits according to your measurements. You get the customised effect without spending customization rates.


What is process like to rent an outfit?

Once you have confirmed that you would like to book your outfit with us, we will have you fill up all your details and full payment is made to book your outfit of choice. Your measurements will be taken 1 month before your event and your trial, where you wear the altered outfit and choose your accessories, will be 2 weeks before your event.


Do we have to send the outfits for dry- cleaning?

Do not worry about anything other than having a good time are your event! We provide 2 way dry cleaning. We send our outfits for dry cleaning before you collect them and will dry clean them after your return the outfits to us!


What if we gain or loose weight by our trial time.


As mentioned before, this is why its always important to book with a rental company that has an in-house tailor. Any adjustments that need to be done, will be immediately done by our trusted in-house tailor.


Can we change the outfit to another design if we no longer prefer our initial choice?

We get it! You have secured something you love, but you see us posting new arrivals all the time! We know its tempting, which is why we allow our customers to have a look at our full collection again when you come down for your measurements. If you like something that is of the same range and if its available, you can change iit out for free, if the outfit is of a higher range, you can top up the difference and change your outfit.


When can we pick up and return the outfits.


We rent out our items for 4 days. Collection of items will be 2 days before the event and return of items will be 2 days after the event.


When do we pay the security deposit and how much will it be?


During your collection, you will pay a small security fee of $400 that will be refunded when you return the items. What are the modes of payment in Mastani Bridal Couture? We accept payment by Nets, Paynow and Cash.



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